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Wooden, metal and ceramic urns

All the funeral ashes urns, prepared by Gregspol's creative artists look really outstanding. They can have many different colours, for example black, brown, red or golden. If you choose to keep the remains at home, such a marvellously crafted product will constitute a beautiful decoration and it will constantly remind you of the one you cared about. You can also purchase a keepsake urn which will allow you to wear a small amount of funeral ashes as a necklace. It may help you to ease your grief, at least to some extent, by feeling the late beloved one's presence anywhere you go. Unique, hand made urns you can find here:

27 Peel Way, B69 3JU Oldbury,

Silver amber jewellery

Amber is a magical gemstone. Because of its look and constant warmth it was believed to have powers. In the Middle Ages it was highly valued, as it was suppose to provide mental and physical energy and help cure some conditions such as arthritis. Although no one believes in such an influence, many people still value it highly. Silver amber jewellery made by Silver Island UK is high quality and detailed products. If you are interested, you should visit their website to find out more about their offer. More on:

Silver Island UK
19 Bridle Way, L33 4FE Liverpool,

Offer for everyone

Argan oil has been known for its amazing properties. Praised by many women in the world, it has been used in cosmetics industry for a long time. It contains vitamins E and A which help to take care of your skin and slow down aging. Using argan oil will make your skin nourished and shiny, you will notice how flexible it is! Additionally, the oil will make your scalp moisturized and healthy. Choose organic argan oil for your skin and change they way you take care of it! More on:
34 Colbran St., BB10 3DP Burnley,
+44 7936 930075

Shop with replicas

The Viking sword has developed from the Roman spatha, however, it was noticeably longer. The amazing quality of this weapon is that it was enhanced with a fuller, which was a groove running down the whole blade. As a result, it was lighter and easier to fight with, without harming its strength and efficiency. In order to find out how wonderfully it laid in hand, you may find an exact replica of a Viking sword for sale in the Global Replicas online store. Viking helmets:

PHU Carus
Koscianska 42, 64-010 Krzywin
Telephone: 48 693 416 012

Weapons for big fans

In its simplest form, a sword consists of a single- or double-edged blade and a hilt. However, it took various sizes and shapes throughout the development of armaments. For example, Greeks had a kopis, Romans had a gladius and later spatha, in feudal Japan there were katanas and wakizashis, while in the Middle East, various forms or scimitars were popular, such as a Persian shamshir or a Turkish kilij. In the Special Replicas shop, you can order excellent replicas of many different swords, also based on those who were own by famous historical figures.

PHU Benefico
Jeziory Wielkie 2B, 63-020 Zaniemyśl,
Telefon: 661925625

Check the range today

Oli Fashion Kids provides you with many amazing clothes for your little ones. Thanks to years of experience in this branch, they know how to create their stock in such a way so that children would love to wear the products they offer. While choosing the kids and baby clothing which shall be included in their assortment, they usually pick those items which carry the characters from popular animated films or series, as well as cartoon animals. In this way, your child will be excited to wear them and impress its peers at school or kindergarten. You can buy there T-shirts, tracksuits, leggings and many more.

Oli Fashion Kids Marta Kozak
8 Hibiscus Close, HA8 9GA London,
Telefon: +447445387660

Women's wallets and purses

Leather handbags have been constantly popular for centuries already. It is because they combine elegant appearance with great practical use perfectly. Leather Boutique proves it to you that such an amazing product does not have to be too expensive, because their stock is really affordable. At the same time, you can be sure of the outstanding quality, as they cooperate with renowned European factories which use completely natural raw materials. Just open this link to see how excellent leather handbags this shop has prepared for you:

For hair

CocoChoco Professional products have been prepared for high-standard Brazilian keratin treatment. If you use them in your hairdresser's salon, you can be sure that clients will be fully satisfied with the final result. Namely, they do not only make a haircut straight and well-organized, but also healthy and shiny. It happens because natural keratin not only affects the shape, but also the damaged structure of hair, making it amazingly revitalised and revived. Full offer on page:


Bearing in mind that kids love to have images of their favourite cartoon characters on particularly everything they wear, Oli Fashion Kids stocks a wide range of marvellous Disney children's clothes. They offer for instance cute dresses, T-shirts or tights with Elsa and Anna from “Frozen” or Sophia The First. For little boys, you can get for instance a hat with Mickey Mouse, a hoodie with Perry the Platypus from “Phineas and Ferb” or a winter set with Lightning McQueen from “Cars”.

Oli Fashion Kids Marta Kozak
8 Hibiscus Close, HA8 9GA London,
Telefon: +447445387660

Best for books

Opolgraf is a commonly known company which specializes in book printing of the highest standard. They have been reaching the top places in printing house ranking for years already. They have also been awarded many awards, such as Business Gazelle or Forbes Diamond. Their wide offer includes for instance printing books with perfect binding. No matter what the width or height, they are capable to enrich it with spine measuring 3-40 mm, as well as flaps, gilded covers or holograms to name a few.

Niedziałkowskiego 8-12, 45-085 Opole,
Telefon: 77 454-52-44